The profession of mother is a priceless one.


Priceless in the fact that it is a vocation that is so awe inspiring, so breath-taking and such a privilege that it is indeed priceless.

Priceless also in the fact that you get paid nothing for your time working as a mother. As in you don’t get a wage like in another profession like manager of an office. You do however get paid in rewards in dividends.

Motherhood is a very difficult job. There is no specific way to do things, there is no right and wrong. You aren’t told at the beginning of the day here is what you have to do, file these letters, send these emails and so on. You are left without any rules or blueprint just fending for yourself, always trying to do your best.

The guilt a mother continuously feels is also priceless because it goes on forever and over so many things. Guilt that you ate some chocolate and didn’t give your toddler any because it’s bad for him. Guilt when you DO give him the chocolate because it’s bad for him. Guilt that you made him cry because you wanted him to sleep at an appropriate time. Guilt that your patience wore thin and you shouted. Guilt that you want a life of your own. Guilt, guilt, guilt!

There are so many guilty feelings and reasons for them that I would be writing for weeks, no months just to cram them all in!

But then when you get a minute, or a second most usually and you stop and breathe and think or when your child is peacefully sleeping and you watch them as they lay there silently 9finally) you get this overpowering feeling of love and appreciation for this little being that is in your world. The little chum that bring you stress and guilt but also brings you such happiness and joy.

All the firsts you get to watch and the neurons as they whir in your little one’s head and it makes it all worthwhile and you remind yourself that you are doing your very best.

The cuddle you get that they come and give you of your own accord, such a euphoric feeling.

And then there are the priceless little nuances like when you tell your toddler (jokingly) that he smells poooooheeeeey and he goes and gets a clean nappy from the packet. Now that really is priceless!


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